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Experience-driven design creates impactful retail spaces. The OKK design team is expert at translating a brand to a space, and can showcase products in a unique and visual way. Refining a design with thoughtful graphics, lighting and finishes is an essential layer to a memorable retail experience.

Deciem Cosmetics

Working in collaboration with Deciem, a client that is reinventing the cosmetics industry, O’Kelly Kasprak implemented the first Midwest location to the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Situated within a century-old building, the raw urban design creates a unique, sophisticated experience, embracing the tension of past and present.

The Woodall

O’Kelly Kasprak worked closely with Chef John Metz and the team best known for Marlow’s Tavern to launch The Woodall, a modern yet nostalgic neighborhood tavern in Atlanta, GA.  The design highlights include a custom mural by Thomas Turner, stunning back bar that connects the exterior and interior, and a variety of seating types offering different dining experiences.  The design team worked hard to take full advantage of outdoor spaces, blending the exterior and interior.  The exquisite menu of the Woodall features uniquely crafted cocktails and a modern take on steak and seafood.

the Woodall Interior 30.jpg
3 Feature Image.jpg

Starbucks Block37

Working in tandem with the Starbucks Company, the O’Kelly Kasprak design team developed a new take on the iconic coffee brand. Located in the bustling pedestrian walkway between the Red and Blue line stations in the Block 37 Shopping Center, the cafe is at the central hub of Chicago’s daily commuters. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco design as well as the iconic Chicago ‘L’ train the design team was able to put a new spin on the classic Starbucks cafe that is sleek and modern, providing a uniquely Chicago experience.

Sushi San

O’Kelly Kasprak was excited to be a part of the design team for the new Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises hot spot, Sushi San. As the sister restaurant to the established Ramen San, Sushi San embraced the hip minimalism of the brand while still showcasing their unique approach to Japanese cuisine. Inspired by their signature hand-rolled sushi and modern Hip Hop culture, the design team utilized traditional Japanese elements as well as American influences
to create a modern and relaxed atmosphere.

opendocument (2)_1.jpg

LYFE Kitchen

Working with L3 Hospitality, the OKK team worked to bring a new Midwest perspective to the California-based restaurant. Taking inspiration from the franchises’ core value; serving wholesome flavorful

food that’s good for the body and the soul, the final design utilizes a clean aesthetic with pops of bright color and greenery, as well as a few regional Chicago touches.

Illy Espressamente Café

O’Kelly Kasprak worked in tandem with a design team from Italy to create a high-end European-style café complete with an authentic Italian espresso bar. The collaborative effort created a design that perfectly expressed the very best of the Illy coffee brand for the first Chicago Illy Espressamente Café.

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