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  • Telya Wallace

The Agony of Choosing a Paint Color…

So, the other day I was at the local hardware store to pick up lightbulbs when a fellow shopper asked for my opinion. She held up two paint chips and said which color did I like. Of course, I couldn’t leave her with the dilemma of which shade of white to put on the walls of her home, so I began to offer up my professional opinion.

First, if you are choosing a light shade to put on the walls and your trim is white, go for a slightly darker shade of white, you will get that designer look you seek. Contrast is the key.

Second, in general when you are picking a paint color hold the chip on the plane you plan to paint. For walls hold the chip in front of you and for ceilings hold the chip above you. Paint colors will look differently on each plane. Try to do this in the space you will be painting in. Lighting is key, look at various times of day as well for best results.

Third, sheen is important too. Leave the gloss and semi-gloss paint for trim that is in perfect condition, use satin for the rest. Egg shell is a typical wall paint finish. The lower the sheen the better imperfections will be camouflaged. Flat paint for ceilings is ideal.

I could go on and on, but this covers the basics. One last thing, it’s only paint, don’t be afraid of a little color. It’s the greatest impact for the lowest investment. Be bold.


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