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Experience-driven design creates impactful retail spaces. The OKK design team is expert at translating a brand to a space, and can showcase products in a unique and visual way. Refining a design with thoughtful graphics, lighting and finishes is an essential layer to a memorable retail experience.

Marche du Canal
Market Hall

at Ottawa International Airport

OKK worked with operator SSP Americas to energize the Ottawa International Airport through upgraded amenities. Marche du Canal Market Hall is a multi-station experience highlighting beloved local eateries La Bottega and Bridgehead Coffee. OKK developed designs that are both modern and functional, working closely with the airport to ensure seamless transitions. Our highly adaptable team tackled metric drawing requirements and Canadian buildng codes with ease.


Deciem Cosmetics

Working in collaboration with Deciem, a client that is reinventing the cosmetics industry, O’Kelly Kasprak implemented the first Midwest location to the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Situated within a century-old building, the raw urban design creates a unique, sophisticated experience, embracing the tension of past and present.


O’Kelly Kasprak was excited to be a part of the new Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises hot spot, Sushi San. As the sister restaurant to the established Ramen San, Sushi San embraced the hip minimalism of the brand while still showcasing its unique approach to Japanese cuisine. After the successful outcome of their first location in River North, Sushi-San opened this location in the Willis Tower with the “Grab ‘N Go” concept in mind. Inspired by their signature hand-rolled sushi and modern Hip Hop culture, the design utilized traditional Japanese elements as well as American influences to create a modern and relaxed atmosphere..

3 Feature Image.jpg

Starbucks Block37

Working in tandem with the Starbucks Company, the O’Kelly Kasprak design team developed a new take on the iconic coffee brand. Located in the bustling pedestrian walkway between the Red and Blue line stations in the Block 37 Shopping Center, the cafe is at the central hub of Chicago’s daily commuters. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco design as well as the iconic Chicago ‘L’ train the design team was able to put a new spin on the classic Starbucks cafe that is sleek and modern, providing a uniquely Chicago experience.

Metcalfe's Market

at Dane County Regional Airport

O’Kelly Kasprak was given the opportunity to give a new face to Metcalfe’s Market, a grocer that has served the Madison area for more than 50 years. Taking inspiration from the locally sourced fresh produce, the design embraced clean white lines with wood and stainless-steel accents allowing the food to take center stage. The bright inviting space is a beacon for the weary traveler passing through the Dane County Regional Airport.

BHHS-Elk Grove-1.jpg

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

After Berkshire Hathaway Home Services underwent a full company rebrand, O’Kelly Kasprak was ready to bring the new brand elements into their office interior. Taking influence from the high end residential real estate they provide their clients; the team brought a hospitality approach to the spaces. Utilizing a light and airy color palette as well as expanding the space to provide lounge and communal areas, the final office design felt truly inviting.

Midway International Airport

O’Kelly Kasprak is thrilled to be spearheading a $40M, multi-phase food service renovation including 24 restaurants, several temporary concessions, food court, and off site commissary kitchen. Complexity of the project includes obtaining City of Chicago, FAA, and tenant approvals for each aspect of the project. Public Safety, MEP coordination, and coordination with the Airport itself are especially intense aspects of this project.  

MDW Triangle Render Model.jpg
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