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Midway's Food Court Officially Open!

Updated: Apr 11

In 2018 O'Kelly Kasprak began a giant undertaking to renovate the food, beverage, and retail outlets at Midway Airport. 5 years later we are finally close to coming to the final phases! This week was the grand opening of the Food Court including; Reilly's Daughter, M-Burger, Dunkin Donuts, Beecher's, and the White Sox Bar.

These are just a few elements of the 5-year, 24 restaurants/retail spaces, common areas, food court, and off-site commissary kitchen that O'Kelly Kasprak has completed in the multi-phase renovation in collaboration with SSP Americas.

The O'Kelly Kasprak team hopes everyone gets a chance to enjoy the new and improved Chicago Midway travel experience as you pass through Chicago.



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